Sonos Roam leakage flaunts brand-new colors for the portable speaker: light blue, olive, and red

If you’ve been focusing on the most recent Sonos reports, then you currently understand about its upcoming “Ray” soundbar and prepares to launch a voice assistant that focuses on speed and personal privacy While we await main verification on those, you can include another report to the list: posters on the Sonos subreddit have factor to think they’ll see brand-new colors of the Sonos Roam speaker exposed today, and now among our readers explains that a Chilean reseller might have dripped which colors are on the method.

Emails sent out to customers stated “something vibrant” is on the method with a countdown. Any doubt about what that something might be was removed as soon as posters discovered the URL in the e-mail consists of “roamcolors_teaser_owners.”

As you can see from the picture above, the retail store Music World is currently marketing Sonos Roam speakers in brand-new colors. That consists of olive, light blue, and red.

Sonos Roam speaker in red Image: Music World

We’ve seen broadened colors get here from Sonos with limited-edition releases for the One and Play:1 speakers, nevertheless, those likewise included a bit additional to the rate. The Roam has actually currently gotten a $10 cost bump to $179, as Sonos adjusted rates for its lineup in 2015 and stated it was because of provide chain problems.

Now that we’ve seen photos of some extra colors, Sonos consumers in other nations need to learn soon if they can get the pocketable (and periodically mic-less) Roam speaker in colors aside from the default black and white, and for just how much.

Updated 5: 57 PM ET: Added photos of Sonos Roam speakers in brand-new colors (Thanks Nicolás!)

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