Dripped Canon EOS R7 specifications recommend it might be the go-to speedster for enthusiasts

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A current report recommended that the reported Canon EOS R7 might feature an optimum constant shooting speed of 20 fps, putting it in on par with the similarity Canon’s existing EOS R5 and R6 flagships. At the time, however, the report was “unofficial”.

A brand-new leakage from the very same trustworthy source by means of Canon Rumors now states that the upcoming APS-C format shooter will boast a burst speed of approximately 30 fps … and this number is apparently “validated”. The leaker does not expose the source, obviously, however if this ends up being real, it will put the EOS R7 in line with pro-level video cameras like the Canon EOS R3 and the Sony A1!

Other “verified” specifications consist of in-body image stabilization (IBIS) and we’ve currently seen how well Canon has actually embraced that tech in its most current R-series bodies. Portable shooting at 1-2 seconds, anybody?

If this happens, the EOS R7 will put some major pro-level specifications in the hands of beginners and enthusiasts at (most likely) a terrific cost.

Opinion: I’m really thrilled to get my hands on the EOS R7

Even though the most recent leakage from Canon Rumors declares that the EOS R7 will not have a CFexpress card slot, however will rather include 2 SD slots with UHS-II speed assistance– which does appear counterproductive for a video camera with huge burst speeds– the remainder of the dripped specifications has me champing at the bit to get my hands on the upcoming video camera.

The Canon EOS 7D Mark II was my main cam for many years up until I went complete frame with the EOS 6D Mark II Ever since, I’ve truly been drooling over the EOS R5 however have actually withstood the purchase since of it’s high rate.

If, nevertheless, the dripped EOS R7 specifications of a 32.5 MP APS-C sensing unit, approximately 30 fps burst, 4K/60 p video and IBIS wind up holding true, I may seriously think about getting the brand-new RF-mount electronic camera rather of a complete frame since I believe the cost would match my budget plan. Undoubtedly it will not be as budget-friendly as, state, the EOS RP, however it’s extremely most likely that it will be less expensive than the R5, possibly even the R6.

Even the sensing unit resolution is ideal for me. I was dissatisfied with the R6’s 20 MP resolution and 45 MP was overkill for my individual requirements. A 32.5 MP sensing unit strikes simply the ideal area for me– I’ve evaluated the 32.5 MP APS-C sensing unit in the EOS 90 D and enjoyed what it might do.

The reported 30 fps burst for the R7 has me thrilled to attempt my hand at more sports photography (I’ve only simply recently established a taste for it) and I’m eager to see where it takes me with my wildlife photography journey. All it requires now is the very same autofocus efficiency from the higher-end R-series cams, however I will confess to being a touch fretted about how well UHS-II speed cards will manage enormous bursts.

As interesting as it might be, these specifications are still not main, so do not take them as gospel. Canon Rumors recommends we can anticipate a statement in June or July this year, so we should not need to wait too long to discover if Canon’s got its next bestseller.

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