Exists a great “blog site search” out there?

This demonstrates how tough it is to make such an online search engine.

I attempted “indie makers” and “digital wanderer” in the directory site and both noted just one blog site: Pieter Levels. Which one is dead for a long time and simply reroutes to his Twitter.

The only thing I’ve found out that works is developing a Google Custom Search Engine with your preferred list of 50-100 blog sites however it’s far from best and does not aid with brand-new discovery.

For tech particular: is an excellent resource. Not always sure it counts as an online search engine, however absolutely a great aggregation of tech blog sites.

The prerequesite would be a list of non spammy blog sites.

Could it be crowdsourced, comparable to how advertisement blocker filter lists are crowdsourced?

Aren’t all those SEO enhanced pages “article”?

How would an online search engine different the “bad” blog sites from the “excellent” ones?

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