8 Changes Duolingo Is Making for Easier Language Learning

Duolingo, a 2021 CNET Editors’ Choice award winner, has actually currently made finding out a brand-new language enjoyable and reasonably tension totally free. In the coming months, Duolingo will debut a fresh redesign that intends to make language acquisition even simpler. I took the app’s makeover for a spin ahead of launch.

And do not stress, Duo the owl is still there. He is constantly there.

Duolingo’s revamped house screen is a winding course rather of a stiff ability tree.


The very first thing you’ll see in the redesign is a brand-new house screen, which changes Duolingo’s traditional ability tree with a map. When I attempted the revitalized design, I had the ability to quickly get where I ended in the travel system. The app’s brand-new functions boost its gamification, reducing the pressure to finish systems.

The map’s winding course style likewise includes a self-confidence increase when you scroll back up through finished lessons. Rather of the ability tree’s rigidness, the path-like design makes finishing lessons in Duolingo feel more like a journey. As you advance through systems, you’ll see timeless Duolingo characters with brand-new animations that highlight their private characters: You’ll find Lily providing you an ironical side-eye or Oscar carefully pruning a plant.

Each circle on the course represents a lesson in the system. Finishing all the tests in a lesson closes the development bar and opens the next lesson. The redesign likewise changes the crown levels with one constant development ring, which declutters the app.

After you finish all the system lessons, you have the choice to pursue famous status with 8 extra, more tough lessons. If you attain famous status, it uses to the whole system rather of simply that a person lesson.

The lesson material is the exact same, however it has actually been resequenced for optimum knowing. In addition, extra product that you otherwise needed to look for in the app is now constructed into your language discovering course.

My preferred modification in the redesign? No more “split” abilities. Formerly, if you went too long without practicing a formerly mastered lesson, a fracture would appear in your proficiency till you practiced the lesson once again. This was visual motivation to review old abilities, however my inner completionist had a hard time to advance to more recent systems due to the fact that I would get sidetracked repairing old lesson statistics.

The brand-new Duolingo likewise much better integrates Stories, among my preferred tools in the app. Stories assist with understanding by having you follow context hints by listening to how a picked language sounds in genuine discussions. The revamped knowing course includes this function much better so you do not need to open a various part of the app to utilize the tool.

Duolingo has a brand-new and better manual to provide you a much better concept of what to anticipate in lessons.


It’s likewise simpler to gain access to lesson pointers. In the redesign, you’ll discover a manual at the start of each system that offers a bite-size efficient summary of what you’ll discover. Even if you’ve finished a system, you can return and see the manual for a refresh. The app still has the alternative to tap words to see translations if you require them, too.

The app’s transformation likewise makes your language Goals more noticeable with a prize icon at the bottom of the menu. As you total systems and lessons, Duolingo reveals your development towards day-to-day objectives and difficulties, which seems like an additional self-confidence increase. If you’re signed up for Plus, you can access a Practice Hub– the barbell icon in the bottom menu– that functions weekly practice suggestions based upon how you’re carrying out in lessons. Here you can evaluate errors, along with retry pronunciation and listening workouts.

Overall, the modifications seem like they’ll make discovering a language even simpler and more available. Duolingo informed me that’s by style. Anton Yu, Duolingo’s item supervisor, stated the app’s redesign was formed by feedback: Users desired more assistance and material with less intricacy. All brand-new functions other than the Practice Hub will be readily available to both totally free users and Plus customers.

Duolingo is gradually starting to present the redesign to iOS users and strategies to increase the rollout by the end of the month. Android users will begin seeing the app modifications in the coming months.

Here’s a better take a look at a few of the modifications:

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