Moon Knight Season Finale Recap: Ending, Post-Credits Scene Explained

Moon Knight ended on Wednesday, as episode 6 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series hit Disney Plus The season ending gets with Marc Spector ( Oscar Isaac) after an extreme psychological journey through the Egyptian world of the dead.

It appears like Marc is going to recuperate after being assassinated by cult leader Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), who has actually obviously launched caught death goddess Ammit upon the world

However, our hero might not have the ability to utilize his superheroic Moon Knight capabilities, due to the source of his power– the moon god Khonshu– being locked up by his fellow gods He likewise needs to discover what occurred to his other half, Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy), after he got shot.

It’s time to enter the world of SPOILERS for episode 6. This program occurs after the occasions of Avengers: Endgame


Khonshu turned down

A reanimated Marc and brought back Steven accomplish stability, utilizing their integrated Moon Knight and Mr. Knight capabilities to fight Harrow’s hench-people on the streets of Cairo. Layla has actually accepted the opportunity to end up being the avatar of Taweret, the goddess of giving birth and fertility, and has actually acquired superpowers of her own.

Marc is relatively beat, however he blacks out and gets up to discover Harrow and all his thugs beaten. They trap Ammit, however Marc declines to eliminate them. He then requires that Khonshu launch them.

Layla gains metal wings in Moon Knight

Layla looks incredible as Taweret’s avatar.

Marvel Studios

The moon god relatively concurs. Steven and Marc get up back in the exact same organization they got stuck in after passing away, and they turn down the Duat symptom of Harrow’s medical diagnosis. They awaken in Steven’s London house, where they’re chained to the bed.

” I can’t think you reside in this frickin’ mess,” states Marc, prior to knocking onto the flooring.

It looks like the minute in the organization was an action in Marc and Steven pressing back towards truth, and the scene in the house was truth. The next scene tosses all of that into concern.

Moon Knight knees Arthur Harrow in the season finale

There’s some exceptionally cool action in this episode.

Marvel Studios

A midcredits scene and an entire brand-new character

The additional scene discovers Harrow in a London psychological organization (possibly Layla brought him here?), where a really Oscar Isaac-sounding guy in black pertains to take him out– in more methods than one. Harrow gets a notion that something is wrong when he sees a health center employee depending on a swimming pool of blood.

He’s then bundled into an expensive white limousine and comes in person with Khonshu, looking exceptionally dapper in a white Mr. Knight-style fit. Harrow is positive that the moon god can’t injure him, triggering the divine being to expose that he never ever desired Layla as his brand-new avatar

” Why would I require any person else, when he has no concept how struggling he genuinely is?” states an arrogant Khonshu. “Meet my good friend, Jake Lockley.”

Jake Lockley raises a silenced pistol in Moon Knight

Jake Lockley is apparently on board with Khonshu’s homicidal objective.

Marvel Studios

The divider boils down, exposing Oscar Isaac in a peaked cap– Marc’s 3rd character.

” Today is your rely on lose,” Jake states in Spanish.

He raises a silenced handgun and blasts Harrow several times, prior to repeling into the London streets.

In the comics, among Marc’s most popular characters is taxi driver Jake Lockley, whose specialized is collecting info on the streets. He’s got an entire lot of connections in the criminal underworld, meaning his ethically doubtful outlook.

Moon Knight 8 2016

Oscar Isaac’s appearance in the program mirrors his comics equivalent.

Marvel Comics

Apparently, Jake’s MCU equivalent is completely on board with Khonshu’s homicidal methods and might be a symptom of the dark deeds Marc dedicated throughout his time as a mercenary. We formerly got tips of Jake’s presence when he stabbed a lot of Harrow’s guys and Marc found a strange shaking sarcophagus in the Duat psychological organization. It’s most likely Jake attempted to attack Duat-Harrow

The last scene in Steven’s house might’ve been an impression produced by the moon god to keep his avatar’s less cooperative characters in check. Or Jake took control of in Cairo, and managed their shared body on the go back to London.

It’s uncertain where this story will continue. We have not had a season 2 statement for this program, however it appears like Khonshu might become a significant MCU hazard.

Invaders 23 cover

Scarlet Scarab fought 1940 s superheroes the Invaders in the comics.

Marvel Comics

Scarlet Scarab

To beat Ammit and Harrow, Layla accepts Taweret’s power and ends up being the MCU’s variation of Scarlet Scarab— an obscure character who fought World War II superhero group the Invaders in the ’70 s Layla’s outfit isn’t extremely scarlet, however it looks considerably cooler.

” Are you an Egyptian superhero?” a woman asks after Layla conserves her from being squashed by a van in Cairo, to which she responds in the affirmative.

We do not understand what occurs to Layla after Marc turns down Khonshu, however she’ll certainly appear once again. Possibly she and Sam Wilson can compare notes on deflecting bullets with their metal wings?

Battling gods

Outside of Jake Lockley appearing and Layla getting superpowers, the remainder of the episode seems like relatively basic Marvel fare. A huge crocodile and scary bird skeleton fight amongst the pyramids, a lot of gods’ avatars are eliminated, Moon Knight/Mr. Knight and Scarlet Scarab have a remarkable team-up– the typical.

Giant crocodile goddess Ammit in Moon Knight

Somehow, the huge crocodile is among the much easier components to cover your head around in this episode.

Marvel Studios

Fascinatingly, Ammit selects Harrow as her avatar regardless of his scales not stabilizing. She reasons that her previous avatar– Alexander the Great– had well balanced scales however that got her caught for 2,00 0 years. I think this shows the gods’ determination to toss their own dismiss the window when it matches them.

Observations, Easter eggs and WTF concerns

  • Jake discovers Harrow at Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital, which is probably called after renowned artist Bill Sienkiewicz. He drew the very first problem of Moon Knight’s 1980 solo series
  • The limousine– license plate SPKTR– admires Mr. Knight’s comics mode of transportation. He utilizes it to get to New York City’s criminal activity scenes in design
  • The CGI impact of Ammit’s head appearing on Harrow’s walking stick is a bit tacky, however Ammit’s towering physical type is remarkable.
  • Why didn’t Harrow inform his thugs to hound Layla in Alexander’s burial place?
  • The method Tawaret’s ears tremble is very adorable. On the other hand, her speaking to Layla through dead soldiers is amusing in a scary sort of method.
  • It appears like Dr. Harrow’s feet began bleeding since Marc and Steven reconciled his Duat symptom with his real self.

That’s it for Moon Knight in the meantime, however your next dosage of Marvel isn’t far. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness strikes theaters Friday, and Ms. Marvel starts on Disney Plus on June 8.

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