From Otherside to Azuki: Every NFT Collection Worth Knowing

A year back, nonfungible tokens were crossed out as jokes. They were cost confusing costs that made NFTs both frightening and complicated. One year later on … NFTs are still frightening and complicated. Lots of still compose them off too– reasonable adequate– yet the blossoming market has actually made it through longer than numerous prediced.

Slowly however undoubtedly, they’re getting in the mainstream. Stars with family names utilize NFTs as profile photos, seen by the 10s of millions who follow them Brand Names like N ike and Adidas stand out handle NFT makers to go into the metaverse.

If you’re peripherally familiar with NFTs, you most likely understand of the Bored Ape Yacht Club Possibly it’s the just one you understand about. Though it is the most well understood NFT collection, it’s however one of numerous “blue chip” (which normally refers to a continual flooring cost of over 10 ether) sets that, for great or ill, have actually acted as NFT market leaders. This is a list of those NFT collections worth understanding.

The most current addition is a collection of land deeds for Otherside, the upcoming Bored Ape metaverse, which broke Ethereum upon its April 30 launch

A couple of notes prior to we start. This list just consists of rundowns of NFT collections, not stand-alone pieces of art and not NFTs 101 The unmentioned convention is that a lot of NFT collections cover in between 5,000 and 10,000 tokens, including variations of the exact same style that make some much rarer than others. This has actually entered into style for, to name a few factors, the truth that it motivates neighborhoods to grow around these collections. As we’ll see, subscription into an authentic and handy neighborhood is a huge selling point for some prominent NFTs.

Second, the term “flooring cost” is utilized regularly: It basically describes the most affordable rate you can purchase an NFT for in any provided collection. (I’m utilizing USD for simpleness.) Bored Ape Yacht Club’s flooring rate of $340,000 suggests the most affordable cost a holder has actually noted their NFT for sale is $340,000, however sales go far above that.


CryptoPunks, pointed out as the very first NFT collection.

Yuga Labs.

  • Launch rate and date: Free, June 2017
  • Current flooring cost: 55 ether ($170,000)
  • Highest sale: 8,000 ether($233 million)

CryptoPunks is the OG NFT collection: 10,000 8-bit Punks. It’s typically pointed out as the very first NFT set, and it’s absolutely the very first set to get considerable cultural traction. While future effective collections have actually ended up being blue chips by providing some sort of energy– whether genuine or envisioned– purchasing a CryptoPunk is compared to purchasing a piece of history.

The collection produced by Larva Labs released in 2017 and was a “complimentary mint” at the time: Customers just needed to pay a deal cost, however absolutely nothing for the NFT itself. It’s now difficult to purchase a CryptoPunk for less than $150,000 CryptoPunks set 2 patterns that would end up being basic fare in the NFT world. Thanks in big part to CryptoPunks, many (though not all) collections are 10,000 pieces strong.

Second, each CryptoPunk has a series of qualities and associates that rank it on a scale of rarity in the set. This collectable quality is something you now see in virtually every NFT set, and CryptoPunks is frequently mentioned as the motivation. The CryptoPunks brand name was purchased previously this year by Yuga Labs, developers of the next collection.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club, the most popular NFT brand name.

Yuga Labs

  • Launch cost and date: 0.08 ether ($250), April 2021
  • Current flooring rate: 116 ether ($341,000)
  • Highest sale: 769 ether($ 2.3 million)

If the typical NFT speculator understands any collection, it’s Bored Ape Yacht Club That’s since of the celebs that have actually purchased into the collection and utilize its apes as profile photos on social networks: Steph Curry, Eminem, Jimmy Fallon … it’s rather the list.

Bored Ape Yacht Club’s developer has goals far beyond being an NFT collection, too. Yuga Labs released cryptocurrency Ape Coin in March 2022, the exact same month it purchased the CryptoPunks and Meebits brand names, and is establishing a metaverse called Otherside The group’s aspirations likewise extend past the blockchain and virtual truth with a motion picture trilogy in advancement, collaborations with business like Adidas and an upcoming vinyl figurine line

Bored Ape Yacht Club’s flooring rate is high due to the fact that, like whatever else on this list, owning one has actually ended up being a status sign. Likewise, numerous are wagering that if any NFT collection can make it through and flourish in the mainstream, it’ll be Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

Mutant Ape Yacht Club, a set of 20,000 altered apes.

Yuga Labs.

  • Launch rate and date: 3 ether ($ 9,000), August 2021
  • Current flooring cost: 26 ether ($76)

  • Highest sale: 350 ether($ 1.1 million)

Most NFT jobs have plan that sketch out the months or years that follow preliminary public sale. The very first stage of Yuga Labs’ plan for the Bored Ape Yacht Club was a strange airdrop. Every BAYC owner got a complimentary vial of mutant serum that can be found in among 3 ranges: M1, M2 and M3. Owners then had the choice of hanging on to the serum or putting it on their Bored Ape. Doing the latter would produce a completely brand-new NFT for a more recent collection: the Mutant Ape Yacht Club

Alongside the 10,000 Mutants that might be produced by BAYC holders, an extra 10,000 were offered in a public sale through Dutch auction. Mutants began at 3 ether ($ 9,000) and dropped in cost every 10 minutes. They offered out nearly instantly, even at these high rates. (Most NFTs have a public sale rate in between $250 and $600)

MAYC are basically what they state on the tin: altered Bored Apes. The facility was to broaden the collection and make the brand name more available to newbies. BAYC NFTs were currently inaccessibly pricey by August 2021, trading for well over 20 ether ($60,000). With 20,000 NFTs in the collection, MAYCs are less limited and for that reason less expensive than the initial collection. Still, they’ve ended up being blue chips in their own.

BAYC holders who kept their Mutant Serum are sitting quite, too. The M1 and M2 Serums bring well over $100,000 each. There were just ever 8 M3 Serums developed, so they cost far more. The last time one was offered, it was for 1,542 ether … aka $5.9 million. There are 2 M3 Serums yet to be utilized on Bored Ape NFTs.


Three examples of Otherside land. Like profile-picture NFTs, tracts have qualities that make some scarcer than others.

Yuga Labs

  • Launch cost and date: 305 Ape Coin ($ 5,800), April 30, 2022.
  • Current flooring cost: 3.45 ether ($10,100).

  • Highest sale: 333 ether ($950,000).

Otherside is the last Bored Ape Yacht Club-related NFT on this list, and likewise the most current to release. It’s a collection of land deeds for Yuga Labs’ upcoming Otherside metaverse, which guarantees to be a big MMO-style video game with a real digital economy that runs NFTs, like these land deeds, and Ape Coin. The general public sale on April 30 included 55,000 land deed NFTs, with the rest being airdropped to BAYC and MAYC owners. Another 100,000 will be dispersed to those who “contribute” to Otherside in the coming months.

The fairly low flooring cost is misleading. It’s a substantial collection, about 10- times the size of a normal NFT set, and there’s big variations within it. Six-figure sales for limited land, with unusual artifacts and characteristics, prevail. In between the general public sale, in which Yuga Labs raised $320 million, and secondary sales on OpenSea, almost $1 billion has actually been invested in Otherside land in less than a week.


CyberKongz, the very first NFT collection with “energy”.


  • Launch cost and date: 0.01 ether ($30), March 2021
  • Current flooring rate: 43 ether ($126,000)

  • Highest sale: 215 ether($755,000)

Bored Apes aren’t the only primates of note in the NFT area. They were beaten to the punch 2 months previously by CyberKongz, a pixelated batch of gorillas.

CyberKongz is frequently pointed out as the very first NFT collection with “energy”– that is, art that does more than simply be art. The collection consisted of 1,000 “genesis” Kongz. These produced 10 $BANANA (a cryptocurrency) daily. If you owned 2 Kongz and 600 $BANANA, you might reproduce those NFTs to produce a BabyKong. (In the trio above, the center NFT is a BabyKong while the left and best NFTs are Genesis Kongz.)

The BabyKongz do not create $BANANA tokens, however they cost around $15,000 each

It took almost a week for CyberKongz to offer out, however their appeal remains in the truth that owning them creates passive earnings. At the height of their worth (up until now), $BANANA tokens were costing $20 each– and Genesis Kongz produce 10 tokens each day. Even today, the tokens opt for $5 each. Presuming that cost stays steady, that’s roughly $18,200 in passive earnings a year. Okay if you purchased a Genesis Kong in 2021 for $30


Azuki, perhaps the most effective NFT collection of 2022 up until now.


  • Launch cost and date: 1 ether ($ 3,000) at a Dutch auction, January 2022
  • Current flooring rate: 28.5 ether ($84,000)

  • Highest sale: 420 ether($ 1.3 million)

Since the NFT boom, numerous collections have actually attempted to embody the anime visual. A couple of tasks (The Sevens, 0n1 Force and Divine Anarchy) amassed big quantities of buzz and saw huge launch rate sales, however could not sustain that enjoyment long term. Azuki is just a few months old, however it appears to have actually worked.

Crafted by previous Overwatch art designer Arnold Tsang, Azuki has actually turned into one of the couple of collections to reach a flooring rate of over 20 ether ($62,069). It might dip from its existing perch of 24 ish ether, however Azuki’s success is currently incredible: With $570 million-worth of Azuki NFTs purchased and offered on OpenSea alone, it’s the 6th most effective collection of perpetuity.

There’s likewise a secondary collection called Beanz, which is … a set of beans They cost $17,000, and nobody understands what they do.

World of Women

World of Women, an NFT collection famous for commemorating variety.

World of Women

  • Launch rate and date: 0.08 ether ($260), July 2021
  • Current flooring rate: 6 ether ($17,000)

  • Highest sale: 260 ether($634,000)

In a lot of online circles, WoW describes World of Warcraft. In NFTs, those 3 letters indicate World of Women This collection’s appeal is apparent: Crypto neighborhoods are infamously dude-centric, and NFT groups just a bit less so. World of Women is a job produced specifically by ladies and developed to motivate a more varied NFT neighborhood.

Apart from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, it’s most likely the NFT collection that’s captured the most traditional attention. Owners of WoW NFTs consist of Dez Bryant, Eva Longoria and Reece Witherspoon. Witherspoon is maybe the most enthusiastic of the lot, as her Hello Sunshine media business is producing a television series and a movie to broaden the World of Women brand name.

WoW’s success has actually been a motivation for more woman-centric collections, like Boss Beauties and Sad Girls Bar


Doodles, a set of 10,000 with pastel colors that have actually ended up being renowned in NFT circles.


  • Launch rate and date: 0.123 ether ($380), October 2021
  • Current flooring cost: 20.7 ether ($61,000)

  • Highest sale: 29669 ether($ 1.1 million)

There are a couple of reasons Doodles has actually seen big success. Its creators currently have a background in NFTs for one, having actually dealt with the 2017 CryptoKitties collection that crashed the Ethereum blockchain when NFTs remained in their infancy. The group likewise handles the DoodleBank, a treasury with countless dollars inside where holders can vote on how the funds are invested. Celebs like Justin Bieber have actually purchased in, too.

But actually, Doodles went pop thanks to the art’s pastel colors and squiggly style visual, which have actually ended up being renowned in NFT circles.

Since releasing in October 2021, the group has actually consequently launched an uncommon 2nd collection called Space Doodles Unlike other secondary collections (like the Mutant Ape Yacht Club), Space Doodles is what’s called “Non-Dilutive.” It utilizes a blockchain innovation called “wrapping” to alter the NFT’s look without requiring to develop a brand-new NFT.

Owners can strap their Doodle into a spaceship, however when they do the initial Doodle NFT is “docked” in a vault. Take the Doodle out of the spaceship, and the Space Doodle enters into the vault and the initial Doodle go back to the holder’s wallet. The concept is to try out altering the look of existing NFTs without lessening their total deficiency by producing a secondary collection.

As more NFT brand names broaden into motion pictures, video games and television, the capability to alter the look of existing NFTs is a pattern we’re most likely to see more of.


VeeFriends, an NFT collection by Gary Vaynerchuk.


  • Launch cost and date: 2.5 ether ($ 7,500) at a Dutch auction, May 2021
  • Current flooring cost: 9 ether ($26,000)

  • Highest sale: 130 ether($492,000)

You can’t remain in the NFT area for long without chancing throughout Gary Vaynerchuk, much better called Gary V. Vaynerchuk, who runs VaynerX and is the co-founder of Resy He’s likewise a substantial NFT advocate and is amongst the growing market’s most significant influencers. His very first collection, VeeFriends, released in May 2021 and has actually maintained a flooring cost near or above 10 ether ($30,000).

The collection utilizes Vaynerchuk’s status as a popular NFT figure: Each token was drawn by Vaynerchuk and grants 3 years’ access to VeeCon, Vaynerchuk’s yearly “ Web3” conference. Lots of likewise featured unique advantages, like presents from Vaynerchuk and his group or the capability to socialize with the male himself.

A follow up, VeeFriends Season 2, was launched in April, and functions 50,000 NFTs rather of the original’s 10,000

Clone X

CloneX, developed by Takashi Murakami.


  • Launch cost and date: 2 ether ($ 6,100), November 2021
  • Current flooring cost: 18 ether ($53,000)

  • Highest sale: 450 ether($ 1.25 million)

Takashi Murakami is a Japanese artist with 2.5 million fans on Instagram, so it makes good sense that an NFT collection developed by him would likewise succeed. CloneX is not just the 2nd greatest anime-style collection behind Azuki; it’s likewise the most popular 3D collection in the NFT world.

CloneX is a 20,000- strong collection about 2 things: variety and style. Characters include a wide variety of complexion, hairdos and more. The designer business, RTFKT, concentrates on virtual tennis shoe style and dressed up the characters with hypebeast visual.

CloneX is most likely to be around for a while: Nike, in an effort to plant its foot directly in the metaverse, purchased RTFKT in December 2021 That’s currently paid dividends for CloneX holders, who previously this ye ar were airdropped secret boxes that wound up including virtual Nike tennis shoes– a few of which have actually cost 5 figures.

Cool Cats

Three Cool Cats NFTs.

Cool Cats, among the NFT world’s most acknowledged mascots.

Cool Cats

  • Launch rate and date: 0.06 ether ($189), July 2021
  • Current flooring cost: 4.7 ether ($14,000)

  • Highest sale: 320 ether($ 1.1 million)

If you speak with NFT supporters, one argument they frequently make is that NFTs benefit artists. Cool Cats and its designer Clon remain in numerous methods the poster kid for that position. For over 10 years, Clon drew a character called “Blue Cat” under The Catoonist pseudonym, however it never ever captured on. His Cool Cats NFT collection, nevertheless, did.

Inspired by his Blue Cat, over $312 million has actually been invested in Cool Cats. One 5th of revenues return to neighborhood efforts, and there’s a secondary collection called Cool Pets however, like Doodles (which it preceded), it’s ended up being a hit thanks to the economically available art.


Moonbirds, the latest NFT blue chip.

Proof Collective

  • Launch rate and date: 2.5 ether ($10,000), April 2022
  • Current flooring cost: 29.5 ether ($86,000)

  • Highest sale: 350 ether($ 1.02 million)

Behind Otherside, Moonbirds is the best collection on the list, having actually minted in the middle of April 2022 for the abnormally big launch rate of about $10,000 Sadly, purchasers were acquiring more than simple pixelated owls: Moonbirds is an item of Proof Collective, a prominent trio that consists of Digg creator Kevin Rose.

It’s potentially the very best example of an NFT serving as both profile photo art and neighborhood subscription. Evidence Collective has an unique Discord often visited by a few of the most significant gamers in crypto and NFTs. (Or a minimum of, I believe so; I’m not a huge gamer, so I’m not in the Discord.) Complete access to the Discord is just given by owning 1 of 1,000 Proof Collective NFT passes, which would cost $334,000 today.

Moonbirds is an action down from that, giving some access to the Discord and producing a secondary neighborhood of huge gamers (medium gamers?).

For more about NFTs, take a look at my other explainer about nonfungible tokens as a whole We’ve got a weekly newsletter about NFTs and cryptocurrency, too.

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