New Kindle upgrade makes it a lot easier to change to an Amazon ereader

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2021

An Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2021( Image credit: TechRadar)

Recently news broke that Amazon Kindle ereaders will now support the popular EPUB file format for books, along with Kindle, PDF and much more kinds of files – we covered the story when it broke

If you’re believing “well, that’s great news” then you’re ideal – EPUB is a preferred file format for digital books, and numerous publishing trade groups consider it the format of option for sending out ebooks. Lots of sites and libraries utilize it, implying you can now utilize a higher variety of books on your Kindle.

But there’s really another excellent factor that EPUB assistance is huge news for Kindles – and all of it boils down to Amazon’s ereaders and their location in the market.

A basic format

Not just do great deals of digital book repositories online usage EPUB files, however so too do lots of other ereader business.

Google Play Books utilizes EPUB files, as do Kobo and Onyx gadgets and their particular mobile phone apps. It’s quite the requirement for this sort of digital file.

Notes app on the Kobo Sage

( Image credit: TechRadar)

Now that Amazon Kindles take the format, every gadget on our list of the finest ereader can now check out and comprehend the format – which’s fantastic for changing gadgets.

Switching gadgets

The main point that’ll put individuals off from changing tech communities, is the information they might lose. If you change from an iPhone to an Android gadget, none of your App Store purchases will rollover – you’ll require to pay once again for the exact same apps.

That would formerly have actually held true for ereaders – if you have a Kindle, with all its exclusive files, you would not think about moving over, or vice versa. That’s altered.

Now, if you’ve got a Kobo however wish to purchase a Kindle, you’ve got a lot easier task of moving your whole library over. You do not require to separately transform each file – you might quickly get a ‘Send to Kindle app’ in addition to the Kobo app, and utilize them to quickly send your whole collection of books to the brand-new gadget.

This upgrade truly does assist Amazon because regard, eliminating one obstacle it has in persuading ereader fans to get among its gadgets.

Saying that, the advantage for the users can’t be overemphasized either, and assistance for EPUB files implies there are much more digital books prepared to be utilized on Kindles. This is excellent news for everybody – well, unless you have a Kobo or Onyx gadget.

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