Apple Just Added A Helpful Feature To Its AirTags To Prevent Stalking

AirTag paired with an iPhone.


Apple has actually begun the rollout of a brand-new upgrade for AirTag, bumping up the firmware variation to 1.0.301 The changelog is barebones, other than for one essential upgrade that significantly surpasses the personal privacy element of Apple’s coin-sized trackers and tones down their stalking capacity. Apple’s assistance page declares “tuning the undesirable tracking noise to more quickly find an unidentified AirTag.”

Now, it is uncertain what the word “tuning” suggests here, however if Apple’s pledge made back in February is anything to pass, the AirTag alert noise ought to now be louder. Following issues over numerous reports of AirTag gadgets being utilized for stalking and even automobile theft, Apple revealed in February 2022 that it would be “changing the tone series to utilize more of the loudest tones” so that a surprise or lost tracker might be discovered more quickly.

Apple likewise guaranteed that as quickly as an AirTag begins beeping, a notice about an unknown tag will likewise be sent to all close-by iPhone gadgets. This was done to make certain if users remain in a loud location and can’t hear the audible signals, the on-screen notice will make them knowledgeable about an unidentified tracker in their area. Back in February, Apple just pointed out that the modifications would begin appearing later on this year, and it appears that a minimum of among them is now presenting.

Fixing personal privacy issues, one upgrade at a time

Apple AirTag with battery pull


In our evaluation of the Apple things tracker, SlashGear’s Chris Davies likewise highlighted the requirement for louder alert sounds, which the low volume of the signals might be bothersome if a user’s environments were especially loud. The current firmware upgrade for the AirTags needs a linked iPhone with iOS 14.5 or later on set up. In order to inspect whether the upgrade is offered in your area, follow these actions:

  1. Go to the Find My app set up on your iPhone.
  2. On the house screen, tap on the Items tab.
  3. Now, you’ll see a list of products signed up for Find My tracking on your account. Tap on the AirTags device in the list.
  4. Once the AirTags page is open, tap on the identification number and see whether it has actually been upgraded to v1.0.301, which is the most recent construct.

It deserves keeping in mind here that Apple does not let you by hand set up the current firmware upgrade for an AirTag. The updates are presented in a phased way, which implies it may take a couple of days to reach all users in a staggered way. Based on Apple upgrade tracker account @AppleSWUpdates, the firmware variation 1.0.301 was being presented for just 1% of users since April26 The upgrade rollout is anticipated to reach the 10% user protection mark on May 3 and will likely be offered to all users by May 13.

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