Google Scanned Objects: A High-Quality Dataset of 3D Scanned Household Items

[Submitted on 25 Apr 2022]

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Abstract: Interactive 3D simulations have actually made it possible for advancements in robotics and computer system vision, however replicating the broad variety of environments required for deep knowing needs big corpora of photo-realistic 3D things designs. To resolve this requirement, we provide Google Scanned Objects, an open-source collection of over one thousand 3D-scanned family products launched under a Creative Commons license; these designs are preprocessed for usage in Ignition Gazebo and the Bullet simulation platforms, however are quickly versatile to other simulators. We explain our item scanning and curation pipeline, then offer stats about the contents of the dataset and its use. We hope that the variety, quality, and versatility of Google Scanned Objects will cause advances in interactive simulation, artificial understanding, and robotic knowing.

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From: Anthony Francis Jr [view email]

[v1] Mon, 25 Apr 2022 18: 49: 46 UTC (7,868 KB)

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