‘Do what we do best to assist our nation’: How Ukrainian imaginative firm IAmIdea is continuing to work now

One Ukrainian firm is seeking to continue to contribute innovative work to notify the general public to do their part to assist their nation while their Ukrainian customers, who comprise the bulk, approximately 80%, of their customers, time out marketing. The pro-bono work needs faster turn-around times for staff members while they handle their own health and wellness. At the exact same time, the company is now wanting to bring in brand-new, global customers to survive.

IAmIdea, a five-year-old imaginative company based in Kyiv, has actually been concentrated on pro-bono jobs, especially social networks posts for War Against War, to assist keep individuals notified about what’s occurring on the ground.

” Our business Ukrainian customers are refraining from doing jobs now,” stated Igor Finashkin, creator and imaginative director of IAmIdea. “All of our tasks are devoted to the war, assistance, insight, interactions in the business. The main point [we’re doing with our clients] is to assist our customers to keep interacting with individuals.”

Without business work for its Ukrainian customers, that make up most of the firm’s customers, which have actually consisted of ride-sharing service Uklon and clothes brand name Intertop, the store is making it through on a reserve fund and is not presently generating income. Those funds are committed to paying wages and supplying extra assistance to the group, according to the company. The company did not share just how much remains in its reserve fund.

IAmIdea is now actively searching for more foreign customers to develop industrial work for to generate income and continue to work. “As a service business, we wish to keep producing concepts, innovative products, and all examples for our customers,” stated Finashkin. “We’re dealing with a need now to have worldwide jobs” which has actually led the group to start to look for discussions with potential customers globally, consisting of in Europe and the U.S., he stated.

Rather than industrial tasks for their customers, creatives for the company have actually been making videos, banner advertisements, and informative material to discuss what’s occurring in their nation and assistance efforts to end the war with jobs like War Against War Prior to the intrusion, the company’s creatives would normally deal with industrial video productions for 4 to 8 weeks. Now, those exact same creatives are producing videos in 2 to 5 days.

” Our procedure is 4X quicker than it was in the past, perhaps even 10 X quicker than in the past,” stated Finashkin, including that the group needs to work rapidly to make certain the info it is putting out is existing. “It’s not like you’re dealing with commercials. You do not have a great deal of time.”

Prior to the Russian intrusion, the firm had 24 staff members; 2 of those workers have actually quit working for the store. Now 22 of the company’s staff members stay, working from their houses or from safe areas they ran away to following the intrusion. The company’s Ukrainian customers, that make up approximately 80% of its customer base, stopped marketing because time and it is uncertain when they will start once again.

” We can do easy banners, basic videos to assist individuals, to collect the country, to get cash and to inform individuals,” stated Irene Ilchanka, imaginative director for IAmIdea, of the firm’s pro-bono work.

Creating work to keep individuals notified on what’s occurring on the ground isn’t simple as the material has the creatives deal with the war, the tears and the damage triggered daily. “It’s extremely difficult however if it can assist our nation and our individuals, we need to do it,” stated Finashkin.

Aside from the pro-bono jobs like War Against War, the company is likewise assisting its customers with their internal interactions, according to Finashkin.

” We resemble each and every single Ukrainian– we’re attempting to do what we do best to assist our nation,” stated Igor Gavrush, a copywriter for the firm on a current Google Meet call. “What can we do? We can spread out details.”

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